Palm Sunday – Church Back Home- April 13, 2014

Like so much of the Gospels, the reading for Palm Sunday offers much more than most folks find on the surface. Look at Pontius Pilate, and see how many people like him you know. It is true that his bureaucratic-style cowardice gave us Good Friday. How many people have you met who don’t make a stand when they should because they don’t want to “make waves”, and so they claim that their hands are tied – or washed?

Passion Sunday – Church Back Home- April 6, 2014

The Gospel reading for today’s Eucharist is a favorite of mine, not only because of the mess Jesus got himself out of, but because of something he said.

A basic principle is well-known to UFO enthusiasts and paranormal researchers, and theologians, clergy and everyone else would do well to pay attention: when something is said that people of the time could not have understood, pay attention! The tachyon particle was not even theorized until 1967, and the possibility of something existing outside of time was suggested by Einstein in the early 20th century, long after Jesus taught in the Temple. And when he did, he said “Before Abraham was, I am”!


Fourth Sunday In Lent – Church Back Home- March 30, 2014

Today’s Gospel reading is probably one of the most familiar to anyone whose exposure to church extends beyond Christmas and Easter. But the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes just might have more to it that the sudden amplification of a food supply.

Look closely, and you will see the basic elements of what it took to make it happen. And with that, we might be in a position for more!

Third Sunday In Lent – Church Back Home- March 23, 2014

With our Eucharist, an epistle that many might find as some sort of comfort, and more might need to see as a warning.  I do know that it does not take long for me to see where I might be causing myself some problems.

You probably have no problem with the “biggies”, but what about some of the others mentioned here, some of which some folks seem to think as being part social life or “humor”?

One of the reasons for Lent, to adjust our vision of ourselves.

Second Sunday In Lent – Church Back Home- March 16, 2014

Since we established what Lent is really about last Sunday, this Sunday we can do some of the reflection which should be a major part of anyone’s Lent.

One subject that gets batted about is compassion, and in Today’s Gospel reading we have Jesus confronted by a woman who, according to the law of the time, was at the bottom of society, not even really considered a person.  It would have been perfectly okay, by the standards of the time, for Jesus to outright ignore her.  See what he did, and what that means for us.  It’s an issue in today’s news!

First Sunday In Lent – Church Back Home- March 9, 2014

Along with Holy Communion, we begin our Lenten time with an introduction to what Lent is supposed to be about.  And it might not match with the view of Lent which your elders forced on you as a child.

We all know what we were told we were “supposed to do” during Lent, but did anyone bother to give an explanation as to why you should do it, and what you should expect to get from it?  Perhaps we can shed a light on that here!


Quintagesima Sunday (Sunday Before Lent) – Church Back Home- March 2, 2014

This Sunday’s lectionary includes some of the most powerful scripture, but I’d like to focus on one small part – the blind man by the wayside who called out to Jesus.  It shows something about prayer that a lot of us are not taught.  In fact, some of us are taught the opposite of what shows here.

Look at this story and every other story in which Jesus healed someone or brought someone back from the dead.  One thing, comparing those stories to more modern times, is conspicuous by its absence in the stories involving Jesus.  And understanding that will make your prayer more powerful.