Our Shield

Some of you (all of you, probably) have noticed that our shield is a bit “unique”.  As many do, we begin with the traditional “crusaders’ shield”, but with a different intent.  For us, the goal is not conquest, but quest.

“Conquest” implies subjecting others to your own will and ways, and that’s not what we are about.  But “Quest” is something that is necessary for each and every one of us to survive and thrive.  There are none so miserable as those who have everything they ever wanted to the point that they no longer want anything.  And there are none so unwise as those who think that there is no more to learn.

Note that the upper left quadrant is black.  That symbolizes the unknown, or for us, that which is currently beyond our knowing.  Within the black quadrant, there is a pentagram with a cross within it.  The pentagram was once used as a Christian symbol of the five wounds of Jesus, and in honor of that the five points are red.  And within the pentagram, the cross is a coming together, which so many paths have as the beginning of which we know so little.

Blessed Be!

If you are viewing this, please note that right now we are still “under construction”, but we hope to have something going soon.  Enjoy, but know that more is coming.