And so, what are we

The name is “The Universal Episcopal Church”.  Well, that means that we have bishops.  There are a number of other churches which have “Episcopal” in their name for that reason.  But what about “Universal”?

There’s something to be said for “Universal”.  To begin with, it implies freedom.  But, it is freedom in both directions.  On the one hand, you are free to explore your path and come to your own conclusions.  On the other hand, and here is where folks forget about the other aspect of freedom, you are also free to follow tradition and discipline as you are called.  Nothing is wrong with any path or approach, and people of different approaches need to respect each other.

This has been a problem in some faiths, one notable in my own experience, in which those who followed tradition gradually became the shunned.

There is also the fact that those who have to go elsewhere for spiritual healing and get healing will need to honor the path which gave them the healing.

And those who are exiled because of abuse, shunning, or people who were doing things which they had no business doing, might have a real need for some sort of reconciliation – or at least retrospective.

And that’s a big part of what this is all about.

Blessed Be!


Non nobis domine non nobis sed nomini tuo da gloriam.

How’s that for a motto, and some words to live by!

For those whose Latin is as weak as mine, the English words are: “Not to us Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory.”  And I consider it most appropriate.

It seems to me that almost all of the problems and issues people have with religion, religious bodies and churches would disappear if more people paid attention to these words – and followed them.

After all, it is not to our glory that we do this.

Blessed Be!

Bishop Lippitt