Well, it isn’t what you expected, is it!

And well it shouldn’t, to an extent. I want it to feel familiar enough to be comforting, but not to the point that someone might say “not again”. We’re here to meet The Divine, not what some mortal claims is The Divine.

And some other differences might be due to the fact that your bishop was recruited from among the mortals. Why don’t I genuflect or kneel more often? Arthritis is one reason. Another is a leg infection that had me in the hospital that I’m recovering from. Kind of like another bishop I knew who didn’t bow before the cross (and it was his tradition to do so). The reason was simply that if he did so, his mitre fell off his head.

And yes, sometimes I find myself doing the Kabbalistic cross instead of the one you learned in confirmation class. It’s kind of ingrained in me, and when you experience the Kaballah, you’ll see what I mean. But I also like the “regular” one as well.

Blessed Be!
Bishop Cal


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