Didja notice?

In the communion service as I’ve adapted for us, a few standard features which I’ve modified.  One is that I do the homily immediately after the Gospel and before the Creed.  That’s for the same of what I see as logical flow.  It also means, for those who have explored church history, that I’ve essentially included the homily into the Mass of the Catechumens, which is where it seems to belong.  And then we go on with the communion.

Speaking of which, did you notice that I’ve made the “Prayer For The Whole State Of The Church” something that the congregation joins in?  I’ve always wondered about that.  The priest says “Let us pray”, and in that particular case it comes across almost as if it were “Listen to me pray”, especially when that is one prayer which every individual in the congregation has a stake it – so why not!  

So good to see all the people who joined in the communion for Jerome Birnbaum.

I can promise you interesting times to come.  

Blessed Be!

Bishop Cal 


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