Oh, What A Feeling!

I’m really getting the full impact of what Father Kent Haley told me ever-so-many years ago.  Back then, I was his acolyte at St Mary’s in Eugene, OR. 

He made a comment about the Christmas-And-Easter crowd.  He wondered how those people could handle dealing with the Eucharist if they only received in twice a year.  I suppose it might be like someone who might be handling a firearm and either not appreciating that it might be loaded, or perhaps thinking it’s not a real gun.

I do know that what I find in the Eucharist is rather powerful.  If you notice me fumbling on the words or such thing, that is why.  It’s like each and every time is the first time all over again.  That’s one of the reasons that I make “Church Back Home” as close as I can to a physical communion service.

  Blessed Be!

Bishop Cal




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