Some folks keep missing the point!

Interesting to see how some politicians twist the meaning of scripture.  I suppose that if I were in some country where another path dominated, I might see the same thing in terms of other spiritual paths.  I do know that there’s a denomination in Buddhism that’s known in Japan for its political mongering, and I recall a Buddhist priest saying that he saw them as a political party, not a school of Buddhism.  So, I guess Fred Phelps is not unique.  Then again, Al Quaida and several others in Islam seem to have forgotten what Mohammed said about “People Of The Book”.

Many times I’ve suggested to Christians to look at Matthew 12:31 and John 10:16, and I don’t get much feedback that might make me think they’ve looked.  Meanwhile, point that out to many Wiccans I’ve known, and they find it an eye-opener.  Not all, of course, there are some Wiccans whose minds are so closed they might as well share a pew with Fred Phelps. 

I guess the best thing we can do is try to get it right on our own, and then maybe see if anyone notices.

Blessed Be

Bishop Cal



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