Funny, the way some people muddle meanings!

In the reading for the Third Sunday After Easter is what has become the main theme for the “pie in the sky when you die” crowd.  You know who they are, and you probably know several of them.  They’re the ones whose entire spiritual (if you can call it that) message is to put up with the crap life gives you because of the nice things waiting for you when you die.  Kind of like how mommy might tell her 4-year-old to stop asking about a particular toy because “maybe Santa Claus will bring it on Christmas”.  And the truth is that mommy just wants the child to be quiet.

The fact is, there is nothing in any scripture that calls for us to be doormats.  Of course, there is the message to be true to the truth, and there are plenty of people who want their own personal truth to be the only truth anyone knows about.

And soon, like next Sunday, we get to see a bridge being built!

Blessed Be!

Bishop Cal



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