An opportunity to lash out!

The standard lectionary for Pentecost/Whitsunday gives me two options.  Those of you who have been to any kind of Sunday school have heard the story of Pentecost, no matter how it got warped by the person doing the teaching.  It’s the second option which I chose to use, because it offers not the story, but the impact.

And here is where I lash out at so many who teach “God’s will” as if to claim that their god is arbitrary, capricious, and perhaps even deserving of a restraining order.  The reading shows that it simply is not so!

I wonder how many people have been driven away from not just Christianity, but faith of any kind altogether because of what they were told of “God’s will”.  It happened to me.  As some might say, “if you get snubbed at Macy’s, you’ll shop at Gimbles.” 

As a Wiccan, I would have to say that people who drive others away from faith because by teaching such crap are deserving of a whole bunch of nasty karma.  As one who also includes El Shaddai and Yeshua Bar-Joseph in his pantheon, I think that there have to be some really upset deities.

“God’s will” (by whatever name, names, or gender your deities might be) can only be your happiness and well-being!  It can’t be any other way! 

Blessed Be!

Bishop Cal



First round of discovery – right here!

There was once a time when I saw myself as acquiring the tools (language skills, etc) to descend into collections of ancient manuscripts and find the major revelations that have been waiting for us to find.  You know the foot-dragging about revealing the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Nag Hammadi scriptures are another worthy adventure, and you know that there’s more – much more!

But in the meantime, there is the scripture which we have which has much, much more to it than your Sunday school teacher or your pastor ever wanted you to know about.  You’ve seen me bring up John 10:16, and you’ve seen me use Matthew 12:31 as the basis of a major warning.  And there’s more, much more.  Look at some of the stuff I’m revealing on “Church Back Home!

Blessed Be!

Bishop Cal