Yes, it’s that simple!

Some of the nastiest nitpickers in the world seem to love to dabble in theology, especially the part where they get to tell people whether or not they’re going to “make it”.  You know what I mean – make it to the good alternative when it is time to leave this plane.

Almost like elementary school when the class know-it-all expounds on school policies and how you’ll “never” satisfy your teacher. Of course, he never read the state manual which spelled out when and how you get moved up.  After all, know-it-alls know it all without availing themselves of such documentation.

But wait!  When it comes to what’s coming to us at the end of this life, we have our revered writings.  And they have something to tell us.  Know what?  It isn’t as difficult as your Sunday school teacher told you!

Well, that was an inspiration

On Facebook the other day, someone posted a saying about how religious warfare is like two kids on the playground fighting over who has the better invisible companion. 

I took it one step further.

I said that it was like two siblings arguing over who has the better parents!

And, if you get that point, you get the idea of what I’ve been trying to put across all this time.  I think I’ve found something here that I can use.  On “The Secrets In Plain Sight”, the slogan is “Religion is like underwear: what works well for me might be inappropriate for someone else, including you!”

“Religious conflict is like two siblings arguing over who has the better parents”

I think I’ll hang that over the bridge I’m building!

Blessed Be!

Bishop Cal