Sanctuary from the soap opera, perhaps?

I read that The Protestant Episcopal Church Of The United States (no relation whatever in any way, shape or form, to the Universal Episcopal Church) is beginning “disciplinary proceedings” against nine of their bishops, some retired and some actively sitting.  Their “crime” is having joined in an Amicus Curae brief filed with a state supreme court which was in disagreement with the position taken by the Presiding Bishop and the national denomination.

From what I have seen about their brief, they have a valid point, but the point here is that disciplinary action is being initiated because they publicly disagreed with the Presiding Bishop.  Funny, I remember a previous Presiding Bishop who claimed that he was hands-tied and powerless when a revisionist bishop blocked my attempt to enter into holy orders.  Goshgolly, did someone find some magic scissors somewhere, or did the organization of that denomination change all of a sudden.

In the Universal Episcopal Church, I would want a healthy disagreement, since it is from such discussion that people learn.  What is more, I have set up two provinces in hopes that those who come might find like minds to work with.

Any of the nine would be welcome here.  And yes, they can bring all of their people (and dioceses, if they have any) with them.

Blessed Be!

Bishop Cal


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