Eighteenth Sunday After Trinity -Church Back Home- October 7, 2012

Eighteenth Sunday After Trinity at St Uriel’s

Once again, in the readings we have Jesus facing Pharisees who try to trip him up. Some of their trick questions remind me of some college exams, or that sick comedian’s question “Have you stopped beating your wife?” which, of course, gives no real option. But here, Jesus gets the best of them again and at the same time imparts something which many people I know have forgotten. When asked what the greatest commandment is, he gives an answer which they can’t disagree with at all.

But more importantly, he expresses the nature of our duty to The Divine in terms of love – not obedience or fear, but love! And we’re going to see more of this as time goes on, plus the sacrament!

Blessed Be!
Bishop Cal


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