Prayers For A Friend – And Several Friends

Let it be known to one and all that we are known as The Universal Episcopal Church.    I’ll probably get into the “Universal” part in more detail later, as if you won’t find some of it in every homily I utter.  Any other group that calls itself “Episcopal” is not us.  There are many that have the term “Episcopal” in their name.  That’s why I insist that the full name from the charter be used:  The Universal Episcopal Church.

The Protestant Episcopal Church has been having problems over the last few decades.  I first left them in 1978 and then again in 1989 – that time for keeps, because the problems were not going to get better.  Meanwhile, their Diocese of South Carolina was trying to maintain tradition and remain within the Protestant Episcopal Church – both at once.  It didn’t work.  There are folks better suited than me to give the details.  Their diocesan web site at gives the details.

I’m known for my saying that among clergy there are “too many clerks and not enough clerics.”  When I say that, I do not include Bishop Mark Lawrence, their diocesan bishop, and his standing committee.  The term “standing committee” is appropriate because they have the courage to stand with him.

Please join me in prayer for Bishop Lawrence and his diocese.

Blessed Be
Bishop Cal


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