For Bishop Mark Lawrence and the Dicoese of South Carolina

I hope that, as I asked for, all are joining me in prayers in support of Bishop Mark Lawrence and the Dicoese of South Carolina.  Until recently, they were part of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America.  In fact, they were one of the founding dioceses.  They helped beget PECUSA, not vice-versa.  Of course, there has been a faction-fight in PECUSA going back to at least 1975 when it became evident to me.  I originally left them in 1978 and after a few years of trying again, left for keeps in 1990.  Bishop Mark Lawrence was there through all of that, even though we were not aware of each other.  Enough on that.

Bishop Lawrence is a traditionalist.  Nevertheless, he wanted to keep fighting for tradition even though others felt the need to leave, and other bodies formed.  Things came to a head at the most recent general convention in which three issues which were complete breaks with tradition and, in some cases, morality, came to a point where he and most of his delegation felt the need to leave the convention.  One of the issues which really bothers me you probably never read about in the secular news because it has nothing to do with sex.  It did have to do with allowing unbaptized persons to receive Holy Communion, when baptism has always been a basic requirement since the Last Supper.  

What has been happening of late makes me say the same thing about the Protestant Episcopal Church all the more, as Ronald Reagan said of the Democratic Party in 1964: “I didn’t leave them, they left me!”  I could say more, but I want to stick to my topic here.

I invite you to read the Diocese of South Carolina web site at and draw your own conclusions.

Blessed Be!

Bishop Cal


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