Fourth Sunday in Advent -Church Back Home- December 23, 2012

And here, with our sacrament, we find some of the deeper words of the Bible, even if some folks don’t seem to think so. Paul writes about “The peace of God, which passeth all understanding.” To those who have studied the Gnostic path, this might seem self-evident. Bot to a lot of folks, it isn’t. Passeth all understanding? Well, just how does the fullness of The Divine compare to our level of knowledge anyway?

And then there is the gospel in which John the Baptist speaks of “There is one among you whom ye know not.” One among them implies that someone might know the person in the mundane sense, but how about knowing who the person really is? Are they being told that someone they are waiting for has arrived and they don’t know it? Has something like that happened to any of us in our lives?

Blessed Be!

Bishop Cal


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