Tempest Smith (February 20) -Church Back Home- February 24, 2013


Today, we commemorate and honor the memory of Tempest Kayne Smith, whom I declared a martyr last year. She died February 20, 2001 as the direct result of the relentless bullying and harassment she received from those who could have (and should have) been her friends, and those who could have and should have done something to protect her and defend her rights (the faculty and staff at her school) did nothing and apparently claim to have not know what was happening.

Words can wound just as well as bullets or knives, and those wounds often don’t heal as well. And at twelve years of age, time moves so slowly.

And here I depart from what many consider to be standard teaching. When someone is shot with a bullet, I blame the person who did the shooting, not the one who was shot. And so, I do not hold it against her that she died by her own hand. Especially after having “worn similar shoes”.

Blessed Be!
Bishop Cal


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