Trinity Sunday – Church Back Home- May 26, 2013

With this Eucharist, we begin what is known as Trinity Season. And, we begin it with a couple of my favorite readings, because they always give me a good excuse to re-read them and do some meditation. Some folks call it “talking in riddles”, which I consider a compliment when someone accuses me of that, because that’s what some of the greatest teachers do.

We begin with the fact that if we look close enough, there is no contradiction in the Trinity, and we proceed to the encounter with Nicodemus, which is its own riddle and answer!

Blessed Be!
Bishop Cal

Try this on for size!

  • We are Catholic in orientation, particularly embracing the Roman, Anglican and Celtic traditions, but not necessarily limited to those.  We embrace tradition, and defend each other’s right to their traditions.

  • We welcome anyone who comes with a sincere heart and open mind.  Those who come as a body are welcome and encouraged to retain and celebrate their traditions, disciplines, teachings and hierarchies.  We only ask that everyone respect each other as you would wish to be respected.  Not everyone here might be doing as you do, but everyone here will be celebrating and defending your right to do as you do.

  • We have particular concern for those who have been left behind by other religious bodies, whether as a result of faction-fighting, as a result of virtual abandonment (such as closed churches or people overseas from home and their own church’s efforts for them are insufficient).

  • We also feel special concern for those who feel the need for more than their church is willing to offer.

  • The fact that you come here does not require you to leave any other church or religious body to which you might already belong.

  • Historically, churches and other religious bodies have survived persecution through their liturgy and/or ritual.  We choose to use liturgy as the seed to plant for growth.

  • We extend to other religious bodies and spiritual paths a full measure of respect, and we expect the same from them.

For The Innocent Victims of Crush – Cross-posted from Mass For The Shut-Out, May 19, 2013

I’m sharing this here from one of my other podcasts because I feel a major need here, and something needs to be done!

Here we do indeed have a need, and we are using our prayers to meet that need. This is omnidenominational, for everyone from Animist to Zoroastrian, and Abrahamic traditions welcome, too!

The Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010 has been challenged by Judge Sim Lake, who claims that so-called crush porn in which small animals, especially puppies and kittens, are killed so that viewers can “get their jollies” are protected first-amendment free speech.

Let us join in raising prayers in protest and praying for a just resolution!

Blessed Be!
Bishop Cal


Pentecost – Church Back Home- May 19, 2013

With this Holy Communion, we celebrate Pentecost, which some might see as being a fulfillment of fulfillments. Not only that, it’s one that tends to get some of us into trouble. After all, in the Gospel from a few weeks ago, Jesus said that there was much more to tell, but they couldn’t bear them then. Now, if one of us has a revelation, what happens?

This just might be Jesus’ biggest accomplishment for us while we are living in this life on this plane of existence. You’ll see, and you’ll see why!

Blessed Be!
Bishop Cal

Ascension – Church Back Home- May 12, 2013

For this Sunday, I took the liberty of using the lectionary for Ascension itself, rather than the Sunday following Ascension. The reason was simple: there was something here that I feel needs to be said to more folks, and preferably understood too!

We have something here which, unfortunately, gets used to this day as an excuse to ridicule us. And the people who do so fail to see what’s in front of them! And something is actually closer than some folks think!

Blessed Be!
Bishop Cal

Rogation Sunday – Church Back Home- May 5, 2013

And here we are beginning to enter some of the most fun parts of the lectionary. And yes, I do mean fun. If you look, you can learn some things which perhaps you didn’t notice before – and perhaps those who taught you didn’t notice, either. But I see it as my job to bring these things out in the light for you to enjoy.

And here we learn of a direct line – and the basis for each of us to do one thing individually without behaving as one body, even though we might be!

Blessed Be!
Bishop Cal