Try this on for size!

  • We are Catholic in orientation, particularly embracing the Roman, Anglican and Celtic traditions, but not necessarily limited to those.  We embrace tradition, and defend each other’s right to their traditions.

  • We welcome anyone who comes with a sincere heart and open mind.  Those who come as a body are welcome and encouraged to retain and celebrate their traditions, disciplines, teachings and hierarchies.  We only ask that everyone respect each other as you would wish to be respected.  Not everyone here might be doing as you do, but everyone here will be celebrating and defending your right to do as you do.

  • We have particular concern for those who have been left behind by other religious bodies, whether as a result of faction-fighting, as a result of virtual abandonment (such as closed churches or people overseas from home and their own church’s efforts for them are insufficient).

  • We also feel special concern for those who feel the need for more than their church is willing to offer.

  • The fact that you come here does not require you to leave any other church or religious body to which you might already belong.

  • Historically, churches and other religious bodies have survived persecution through their liturgy and/or ritual.  We choose to use liturgy as the seed to plant for growth.

  • We extend to other religious bodies and spiritual paths a full measure of respect, and we expect the same from them.


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