Midweek In A Very Different Pastor’s Study – July 31, 2013


Much to think about right now. For Wiccans and many others, we’re coming up on Lammas, the time to celebrate the first harvest, thus the name that translates into “loaf-mass”. But also, there is a celebration of a priest who did not get the priesthood he had once hoped for, but did much with the priesthood which he was given. I’m speaking of Father Solanus Casey, who was known, among other things, for sounding some of our country’s most successful soup kitchens, at least one of which is still in operation. He was also known for his advice and insight, and people would line up to speak with him, though he was supposedly the porter (receptionist). But what made him so special was how he would go out of what most people would see as their “comfort zone” to do what he was called to do, including one time which came to eventually involve an ancestor of mine!

Blessed Be!
Aidan Odinson/ Bishop Cal


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