First Sunday In Advent – Church Back Home- December 1, 2013
Here is an issue we see today!  The readings for this day have enough material for a decade without having to repeat a point, but there is one point that is relevant today in this season.

Look at what became of the Temple since David built it, see why Jesus made that his first stop in Jerusalem, and see how it relates to us today.

All that, and the sacrament, too!


Sunday Next Before Advent – Church Back Home- November 24, 2013

While most priests would choose to preach about the loaves and fishes, I’m speaking about Jeremiah’s prophecy, since it seems to be something people like to claim to talk about today!  Is it speaking of something that has happened, or something that is going to happen?

Look at it in light of Gamaliel’s warning (Acts 5:34-39), and you have a real challenge.  And what is each of us going to do about it?  That should keep most of us pondering for a while!

Midweek In A Very Different Pastor’s Study – November 20, 2013

Here comes the so-called War again!  I’m talking about the so-called “War On Christmas” that some folks declare this time of year.  But is it?  Please understand, I am not talking about the efforts to keep Christmas focused on what it is actually about.

What I am talking about are the folks that cringe at the sound of “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”.  Almost every faith has some kind of celebration this time of year, but not everyone has Christmas as part of their faith.

Blessed Be!
Aidan Odinson/ Bishop Cal

Midweek In A Very Different Pastor’s Study – November 13, 2013

Almost every revered writing warns of phonies, the wanna-be prophets and self-proclaimed messiahs who claim to have been chosen by their particular deity to save us all.  It happened in Biblical times, it happened since then, it’s happening now, and it will continue to happen until The Divine says enough’s enough.

Please don’t think that this is a problem only to the Christians.  You can find them in any spiritual path.  The trick is to know how to identify them for who they are.  And then, of course, how to deal with them.

Blessed Be!
Aidan Odinson/ Bishop Cal

Twenty Fourth Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home- November 10, 2013

We often ask for favors and healings during a Eucharist, and here is a Gospel lesson that ties in well with that!  Two people sought healing.  One was a woman who sought healing for herself, and who did not announce her intent to obtain healing.  Another, a ruler who, we might expect, would have folks listening to him.  Two healings, but look closely.  There is something for us to gain here!

Midweek In A Very Different Pastor’s Study – November 6, 2013

Something that I’ve been mulling over for some time is the question of people, or groups of people, who claim to be what they are not.  I’ll give credit where it’s due: the Reform and Conservative movements in Judaism admit that they have modified the original path set by Moses; although I’m sure they consider the intent to be the same.  But what of the people who claim to be Christians, yet so obviously do not follow Jesus’ teachings?  I do not recall Jesus teaching hate.

And then, it’s not like that’s strictly a Christian problem.  I’ve seen it among Buddhists, Hindus, and even Pagans and Wiccans: claiming to be one thing, yet seemingly on a different path.

Until all of the Ancient Ones come and sit down with us and tell us where it’s really at, our project is to figure this out!

Blessed Be!
Aidan Odinson/ Bishop Cal

Twenty Third Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home- November 3, 2013
Along with our Sacrament, perhaps something new to be found in something that seems so familiar!

You thought you knew the lesson of the “Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” story, but do you.  Back up a bit, and there’s another lesson.  Back up again, and another.  And I’m going to take you beyond the individual selection to the context so that you can see an even bigger lesson.

The biggest lesson might be in the point that Jesus did not make!

Blessed Be!
Bishop Cal