First Sunday After Christmas – Church Back Home- December 29, 2013

There is so much to Christmas that it is a good thing for the Anglican tradition to extend the celebration.  And here is an example of something revealed that some folks mike not recognize – and once again from an Epistle.

Can we see the significance of Christmas and the resulting transformation in us?  That is the big clue here, and once we grasp that, some might feel as if there were suddenly more answers than questions!

All that, and Holy Communion too!


Fourth Sunday In Advent – Church Back Home- December 22, 2013

With Communion, another Gospel lesson which for some might not seem relevant to today, but it is.  Of all the questions John The Baptist is asked about who he is, anytime he is asked if he is someone expected, he says that he is not.  But he says that there is one among them whom they don’t know.  And I’ve often wondered in my own life how often something like that has happened.

Third Sunday In Advent – Church Back Home- December 15, 2013

The Gospel reading is a very familiar story, but the Epistle is something that impacts us almost daily!  There are people who have left churches and even religion altogether over this issue, and this reading shows us how it is, for the most part, moot as far as we are concerned!  All that, and Holy Communion, too!

Second Sunday In Advent – Church Back Home- December 8, 2013

Once again, with our Holy Communion we’re presented with some issues we deal with today, and not just seasonal!  A clue can be found in the words of a Gnostic theologian who said “If you don’t understand the Flood Story, you’re drowning!”

And the Epistle carries it forward.  And it includes something some well-known people who speak on the subject miss by miles!