Sexagesima Sunday – Church Back Home- February 23, 2014

With our Holy Communion is a Gospel reading that is familiar to most, but I find challenges me to find more.  Like most great writings, there is more to be found if you look.

We see the parable of the sower, who sows his seeds.  Very nice, and we know the basic lesson, but is there more?  I believe so, especially if we know the difference between a seed and the likes of you and me!


Fifth Sunday After Epiphany – Church Back Home- February 9, 2014

With our Holy Communion, we get an exciting epistle.  I’m told that when he was asked what he thought of western civilization, Mahatma Gandhi said “That would be nice”.  This is that sort of epistle.

If we would follow its advice, we would have progress beyond our wildest imagination.  Our problems stem from the fact that people can read lines like these, but can’t figure out how to do what they advise us to do!

Presentation In The Temple – Church Back Home- February 2, 2014

The Presentation In The Temple was the fulfillment of a special rite performed only when the firstborn of a Jewish woman was a male: presentation in the Temple with a special sacrifice.  And in this case, the prophet Simeon and the prophetess Anna were there to tell Mary and Joseph of Jesus’ most special destiny.

I can only imagine what must have been going through Mary and Joseph’s heads after they heard all that!