First Sunday After Easter – Church Back Home- April 27, 2014

Imagine hiding for fear of a mob of people who could identify you. You are locked in a room. Suddenly, the master appears with the word “Shalom” as his greeting (most likely). Earlier in the morning, the tomb where he was buried was found empty. And now, here he is, in spite of a locked door.



Easter Sunday – Church Back Home- April 20, 2014

We’ve been told of the Easter story many times, but let’s look at this particular reading, Sunday morning at the tomb. Look at what you find here, and you find the initial impact. And see what an impact it was!


Palm Sunday – Church Back Home- April 13, 2014

Like so much of the Gospels, the reading for Palm Sunday offers much more than most folks find on the surface. Look at Pontius Pilate, and see how many people like him you know. It is true that his bureaucratic-style cowardice gave us Good Friday. How many people have you met who don’t make a stand when they should because they don’t want to “make waves”, and so they claim that their hands are tied – or washed?

Passion Sunday – Church Back Home- April 6, 2014

The Gospel reading for today’s Eucharist is a favorite of mine, not only because of the mess Jesus got himself out of, but because of something he said.

A basic principle is well-known to UFO enthusiasts and paranormal researchers, and theologians, clergy and everyone else would do well to pay attention: when something is said that people of the time could not have understood, pay attention! The tachyon particle was not even theorized until 1967, and the possibility of something existing outside of time was suggested by Einstein in the early 20th century, long after Jesus taught in the Temple. And when he did, he said “Before Abraham was, I am”!