A Sense of Direction


I recall when I first felt the possibility of taking something underground.  It was in 1978, the beginning of the faction fighting in the Protestant Episcopal Church, and my being in the wrong faction prevented me from being allowed to study for ordination.  I happened to have an opportunity to meet Bishop Morse, who was heading one of the first groups to leave PECUSA.  When I mentioned the meeting to Colonel Kingsley (a Protestant chaplain who was rumored to have once been Anglo-Catholic), he immediately warned me that I would not be allowed to hold any service on base without his permission.

I had already learned what it was like to be laughed at by a Base Chaplain because I was an Episcopalian.  And after that incident with Colonel Kingsley, I would learn even more of what it was like to be kept from the sacraments.

And then, I was reminded what there were those who made me seem fortunate by comparison.  True, Colonel Kingsley could have tried to court-martial me for saying Mass.  But when I began my cyberspace ministry I found people were listening in places where I would be put to death for saying Mass.  And in between, there are the people who don’t have an appropriate church within reasonable traveling distance.

And, we must not forget,  there are those who are in active service to their country who do not have access to a chaplain of an appropriate denomination.  Even the Roman Catholics have a problem there, and they actually have an Archdiocese of the Armed Forces with full authority to act!

So, I think it might be a good idea to be explicit about doing something!

Bishop Cal



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