Sixth Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home- July 27, 2014

The lessons for the beginning of Trinity Season all seem to focus on some basic stuff, probably because the basics are hard to keep in focus if your daily like is like mine.  And when Jesus tells people that their righteousness has to exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees, what is he saying?  Is he making it hard for us, or is he hinting that there is a better way?


Fifth Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home- July 20, 2014

Along with the Eucharist, a pair of readings that belong together. The Epistle is a continuation from the thoughts of last week’s Gospel. And this week’s Gospel shows what can be.

We all know people who seem to be living a daily “soap opera”, and how much do they accomplish for themselves, or for anyone else? But if we understand what love and compassion are all about, we can get things done. And speaking of that, see how Simon Peter is called in the Gospel!

Fourth Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home- July 13, 2014

And here in the gospel lesson, we have what might be considered both a promise and a threat, depending on what people do with it. And, like so much, it can apply to us today, virtually every day.

A simple question which some might not like having to answer: Are you willing to be measured by the same measuring stick which you use to measure others?

All that, and Holy Communion too!

Third Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home- July 6, 2014

Along with our Holy Communion, a pair of readings that challenge us, because they deal with issues we face every single day. We begin with hearing the need for humility, and we end by seeing examples of people (scribes and Pharisees) who are so devoid of humility that they criticize Jesus for ministering to the people who need him most!

There’s a lesson for all of us here, including me!