Palm Sunday – Church Back Home – March 29, 2015

I’m inviting you to look at the whole story from another angle. In the Gospel today, we have the Good Friday story that takes you from Jesus’ arrest through his death. The story is familiar to all but a very few. But there is another angle to the story.

Can you imagine the investment The Divine had to make in all of this, in order to bring it off? And imagine having to leave a nice place like Heaven to dwell among people like us, and then having to die an infamously painful and humiliating death!

Just how much did The Divine invest in bringing this off?


Passion Sunday – Church Back Home – March 22, 2015

People have always had a hard time dealing with anything that does not fit their preconceived notions. Why would the entrenched religious establishment of Jesus’ time be any different?
That’s especially true because Jesus was the one they had been waiting for for centuries. All of the prophecies pointed to him. The one problem was that he didn’t match with the preconceived notions of the religious establishment in charge of Judaism and the Temple at that time.
And the result is a nasty encounter.
All that, and Holy Eucharist too!

Fourth Sunday In Lent – Church Back Home – March 15, 2015

We hear the story of the loaves and fishes all the time, or so it seems. But what of the epistle for this Sunday?
Life is about choices, especially our spiritual lives. And here we see a comparison made between the child of Sarah and the child of Hagar. Sarah’s child is born of God’s promise. Hagar’s child is born of the flesh like any other child.
And if you understand who those two sons of Abraham are, you’ll see how it even applies today!
All that, and Holy Eucharist too!