Eighth Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home – July 26, 2015

Beware! There are many people who do not want you to hear the lesson in today’s Gospel reading! It is one thing to be told to beware of false prophets, but it is another to be told how to tell who a false prophet might be!

And how do you know a false prophet when you see one? If you tell a tree by its fruits, then you tell a false prophet by what they produce. And what should a prophet produce who claims to speak for Christ?

Seventh Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home – July 19, 2015

We begin the readings with an Epistle which reminds of the importance of looking forward on the path we’re on, and not being distracted. Where we were gets us nothing, but where we are going gets us the grand prize.

It might be said that the Gospel illustrates that in one of the stories of a feeding of multitudes. It can be said that one of the perhaps-too-familiar prayer lines we say by rote memory comes alive here in what happens.