Palm Sunday – Church Back Home – March 20, 2016

The gospel reading for today is by far one of the longest in the church year, and for the most part, it is one of the better known. But, the Bible often presents more than is obvious, and this is no exception. Two details reveal that there is much more to be known.

That the Temple veil was torn in two says much. But, the veil was not some flimsy fabric. It was a thick, heavy cloth which separated the Holy of Holies from everyone and everything else. If it was torn from top to bottom, it did not happen easily and it might imply something about the relationship between people and God.

That the earthquake caused graves to open and the people in those graves to come alive and appear to people in Jerusalem had to have a powerful implication. Jesus would do that himself soon, but there is no story of it happening before. What might this mean? Some powerful questions for us to ponder!

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