15th Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home – September 4, 2016

Here we have a pair of readings with essentially the same message: Don’t get hung up on the wrong stuff! It’s an easy trap to fall into, and we don’t need it.

In the Epistle, we’re reminded of the various people who would love to have us “jump through hoops” for one reason or another, even if it is not necessary. Such people are on power trips that we do not need to feed.

In the Gospel, we hear an often mis-used verse about the lilies of the field, but it is valid to use in terms of a line in a prayer which we all know. When we say “Give us this day our daily bread” we ask to be fed today, but without concern about tomorrow’s bread which will come when it is due. It’s the simple fact that mammon is physical wealth, and people cannot worship both God and physical wealth. Seek the Kingdom of God, and you can also have the rest.

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