Who We Are Not: Let us be sure of what we are not.  Above all else, we are not a group of people who left any other “Episcopal” or Anglican church to form an alternative.  We use the word “Episcopal” in our name because we make the use persons who hold the title of bishop.  We are not “Christian” in the sense of how most Christian churches describe themselves and govern their people, although we do try to learn and follow the teachings of Yeshua Bar-Joseph, AKA Jesus, also known to some as “Jesus Christ”. Above all else, we are not here to “save” you or to convert you to or from any spiritual path or combination of paths. 

Who We Are:  We are people of many spiritual paths who also include the pantheon often referred to as “Christian” in their personal pantheon.  This does not exclude other deities.  Exodus 20:3 demanded that no other deity be given preference above the one who spoke to Moses in the burning bush, but the Bible is full of references to other deities.  What is more, the covenant reached was with the descendant of Abraham who were returning to the Promised Land.  Furthermore, John 10:16 plainly states that there are sheep which are “not of this fold” (Abrahamic), and Matthew 12:31-32 gives a clear warning to anyone who calls something divine as being “of the devil”.  Did you notice how Wicca and some other paths such as Buddhism, Confuciansim, Taoism, and Native American paths seem to follow the teachings of Yeshua Bar-Joseph (Jesus’ name in Aramaic) without getting hung up on some of the stuff that seems to get in the way, like putting form over substance?

We are sometimes asked if we are Wiccan or Christian, and my own answer is to simply say “Yes!”. The basic principles of Wicca apply, and comfortably. And so it does with all of the pantheons which a Wiccan might choose. And, we hold dear the teaching that we don’t disrespect or make fun of someone else’s deities.

That’s where we’re at!

That’s what we’re exploring!

You are welcome to join us!

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