Second Sunday After Christmas – Church Back Home – January 4, 2015

The reading in place of the Epistle is explicit in its prophecy. And the Gospel reading goes well with it, and goes further with the point we found in last week’s readings. In stupidly simple terms, nobody is going to stand in God’s way.

Since Joseph had no more trust in Herod’s son Archelaus than in Herod, he made use of the same gap in jurisdictions that would figure much later in Jesus’ trial. Joseph went to Galilee and to Nazareth, fulfilling yet another prophecy.

Holy Innocents – Church Back Home- December 28, 2014

Look again at the story of the Holy Innocents and you will find another story and lesson which many people should try applying today! The slaughter of the Holy Innocents came about because King Herod asked the Wise Men how long they had been pursuing the star.

And with that, we can see the supreme folly of King Herod thinking that he was going to be able to stand in God’s way and prevent the coming of the Savior! The prophecy was well-known and abundantly documented in scripture! Did Herod think that he was so mighty that he could stand in God’s way?

If we look, we might find people committing similar follies in our time, such as thinking they know more than God, or ignoring Christ’s teachings in favor of some text which his teachings superseded.