Rogation Sunday (5th After Easter) – Church Back Home – May 21, 2017

One of the most important points of the New Testament, and of Jesus’ ministry. “Ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full”. That might not be as you imagined it, or times ad you hoped, but it does promise that it will be.

There’s no discussion here about “God’s will”, “God’s time”, or “God’s higher plan”. Simply ask, and it shall be given unto you.

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4th Sunday After Easter – Church Back Home – April 24, 2016

CONTROVERSY ALERT! This Gospel reading seems to be one of the most important and also most ignored in the Bible! Jesus says “I have yet many things to say to you, but ye cannot bear them now.” Does that mean that he has more to say, and what he has to say won’t be found in the Bible we own?

If so, then where do we get this additional learning that Jesus has for us? He gives us a clue to that, too!

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Trinity Sunday – Church Back Home – May 31, 2015

Many threads in the lessons for today, and even the prayers special for Trinity Sunday. Then again, Trinity Sunday is about the Trinity, which is a subject of much debate among some of the best theologians and scholars!

The difficulty is illustrated by a visit to Jesus by Nicodemus, someone important among the religious establishment who somehow felt he needed to sneak to meet Jesus. Many of Nicodemus’ questions of Jesus are similar to what ours would be. And Jesus responds that Nicodemus needs to understand more!

And don’t we all?

Rogation Sunday – Church Back Home – May 10, 2015

This one is personal for me! The lesson in today‚Äôs Gospel reading is something that I take personally because of what I’ve been through, including in the last several months. I’ve been so blessed that during a recent trying experience, nobody tried to say anything about “God’s will”. They would not have liked my response. And, God is not like that.

This is some truth which we need to nurture and claim! It’s there for us, and God wants us to have it! Look and see!

First Sunday In Lent – Church Back Home – February 22, 2015

We hear the story of the three temptations Jesus faced in the desert, but how often have you taken a real look at them. This was an eye-opener for me.

Each one of his temptations is of the same nature as a temptation most of us could face at some time in or lives. The challenge is to recognize it and face it! And some forms of these temptations can be really appealing.

We all face temptations. The question is what we do with them.

Quintagesima Sunday – Church Back Home – February 15, 2015

In this last Sunday before Lent, we have some scripture readings worth considering. One of the basic purposes of Lent is to take the opportunity to see if we are “on course”, and these help.

The epistle speaks of charity. Given the various mis-uses of the word, I suggest we (myself, too) reflect on the word as St Paul intended it to mean. And, of all gifts we can have, none is greater than charity. In fact, it would seem that charity makes the others be effective. A point to ponder considering some things going on in the world.

And then, the story of Jesus as he begins his journey to Jerusalem. And a blind man calls to Jesus for help. Do you notice that in the Gospels, people in need tell Jesus that they are in need, with none of the “if it’s your will” stuff? Perhaps it might mean that our prayers should be insistent?

Septuagesima Sunday – Church Back Home – February 1, 2015

We have here a familiar parable which, unfortunately, is so well known that the actual message is lost in the discussion of details. We begin by saying that in King James’ time, a penny was an amount of money typical of a laborer’s daily wage. There were workers who worked a full twelve hours, and others who worked for less hours, down to the last-hired who only worked one hour.

All things considered, the solution of the issue raised might be the only one that might actually be fair.