22nd Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home – November 12, 2017

Following a question by Peter as to how often he is supposed to forgive someone, Jesus goes into a parable of a king who called his servants into account. We’d call it an audit today. And, one servant was found to owe ten thousand talents, a lot of money. But he begged the king forgiveness, and the king forgave him. But the servant wanted to press severely for payment of a fellow-servant whose debt amounted to pocket change. What the king does as a result shows that we will see the level of mercy we give to others.


Ninth Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home – August 2, 2015

A promise, and a warning! The Gospel reading is the familiar story about the Prodigal Son. We know the story of the son who ran off and spent away his inheritance, and then came home to forgiveness.

But the Epistle reminds us of the people led by Moses. They were given food and drink by God, but nevertheless, some transgressed and faced some nasty consequences.

The point, then, is that once you have been saved, it remains necessary to maintain your salvation, and get forgiveness when you need it!

Fourth Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home – June 28, 2015

How about some clues as to how to get yourself off the hook? That’s what we have here! It begins, also, with an Epistle that reminds us to remember what we are looking forward to. Sometimes, as with academic and other courses, it can seem hard to make it through.

But the Gospel offers how to get off the hook! And if you see what’s offered here, you’re looking at God’s own version of the “Get Out Of Jail Free” card in the Monopoly game. Who can refuse that?