Holy Communion For The Inauguration – Church Back Home – January 20, 2017

Much has been said about this inauguration, but I feel it might be wise to take a moment and offer some basic principles in which most of us will agree. And, for the sake of those calling themselves “Christian”, what Jesus and his initial followers taught. Considering the principles upon which the United States was founded, it might do us well to review them.

Jesus had much to say, but it is worth noting what he and his followers did not mention. Notice that and see its significance, and you’ll have learned a major lesson. Next, look at how Jesus taught and whom he ministered to, and you’ll see more – including a point which some people today don’t seem to get!

I cannot go through a Holy Communion without it being a spiritual experience, and this was a major one!

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December 23, 2015 – Let’s See The Beginning! – In A Very Different Pastor’s Study

Let’s look at The Last Gospel and see what it says about the beginning of all beginnings. The Last Gospel is the very end of Holy Communion services in many Catholic, Anglican and other Orthodox traditions. It specifically is John 1:1-14.

Note that it shows that there is more to Jesus than we know, and that his role begins long, long before his birth in Bethlehem. What we know is one small part of one small corner.

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Sunday Next Before Advent – Church Back Home- November 24, 2013


While most priests would choose to preach about the loaves and fishes, I’m speaking about Jeremiah’s prophecy, since it seems to be something people like to claim to talk about today!  Is it speaking of something that has happened, or something that is going to happen?

Look at it in light of Gamaliel’s warning (Acts 5:34-39), and you have a real challenge.  And what is each of us going to do about it?  That should keep most of us pondering for a while!