September 29, 2017 – Glastonbury’s Clues – In A Very Different Pastor’s Study

We’re Back! And hopefully, we’ll have some stuff for you to get excited about!

One of my first impressions when I began studying theology and things spiritual was that it was hard to fathom disagreements and supposed incompatibilities between spiritual paths. When I took a closer look at Glastonbury, I found that my suppositions might not be that far off. And there is so much to learn!


Sunday Next Before Advent – Church Back Home – November 22, 2015

Another one of those stories which people believe that they understand, this one the loaves and fishes feeding the multitudes. Philip answered with the mundane answer, as Jesus asked him. Andrew had another response, but not quite enough. Jesus knew what he was doing, though, and the meal produced more leftovers than the food they had to begin with!

This was following several other similar miracles which Jesus performed as he was traveling. Could it be that the effort here was to get people’s attention to what was happening beyond feeding five thousand?