Fourteenth Sunday After Trinity – Church Back Home – September 6, 2015

The Epistle and the Gospel readings offer much today, but there was something in the Epistle which I found glaring. I also believe that many people would not notice it, but I did.

Please pay attention to the fact that English was unknown in st Paul’s time, and certain bits of terminology had not been brought into existence yet. Nevertheless, they were in use by the time of King James I of England.

That being said, a real prohibition by an apostle is being hidden behind a term better associated with Elizabethan paranoia! Like when the American press quoted a Soviet leader as supposedly saying “We will bury you”, we need more appreciation of the power of translation.

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November 17, 2014 – Choice? – In A Very Different Pastor’s Study

One of the most charged words, whether in a political or theological context, is the word “choice”. People bat that word around as if it were important and, interestingly enough, as if there were a universal definition which perfectly fulfills their vested interest. But does it do all that? Let’s look and see!