Organization & Membership

We’re new, and for now we’ll dispense with anything too elaborate.



You’re here, and at least for now that’s what you need to be considered a member.  If you’ve been baptized, then you have full rights and privileges of any member of the laity.

We’re looking forward to offering some baptism/ confirmation instruction at the adult level.


Laity and lay leaders: Each person is a priest in their own right for their own needs, especially in the absence of any ordained clergy.  If you want to have bread and wine with the communion service, do so with common sense, and it might help.

Deacons: The primary role of deacons for us currently is that of the transitional deacon preparing for priesthood.  This is subject to modification.

Priests: We see four ways of entering priesthood:

  • The normal way is through formation and study, either in a seminary or under the direction of a member of the clergy.  Details will be developed.  Apply to the Presiding Bishop if interested.
  • Following an Anglican tradition known as “The Old Man’s Canon”, an alternative means may be developed specifically for clergy functioning in isolated areas.
  • Special designation may be made available for those functioning under hardship, such as places subject to persecution, harassment, or other restriction which drives the worship “underground” in any way.  This special designation allows service as a priest only under those circumstances and will not license a priest to function elsewhere without authorization of the Presiding Bishop.
  • Incardination is available for those trained/ educated as clergy elsewhere who demonstrate competency in the necessary subjects.



5 thoughts on “Organization & Membership

    • As of right now, we’re still trying to organize and most of this church is in “catacomb mode”. So for no and until we have more formal processes in place for handling membership, you’re a member if you say that you are and don’t do anything that upsets the rest of us too much.

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